Oceanus is featured in RESTORies!

Oceanus is featured in RESTORies!

If you are working in restoration, I bet you already heard of Restor. But to those of you who is unfamiliar of it, Restor is a science-based open data platform that connects all restoration practitioners around the world. It also features your site, what you need such as funding, volunteers and other necessities that your team needs to conduct restoration work.

The most interesting about Restor is that it combines most scientific data in literature and came up with a visual platform. It shows you what species are present in your site, and how much carbon there is being stored. This is a good combination of remote sensing through satellite and on-the-ground conservation work.

Recently, Restor created Restories to feature restoration practitioners like us and showcase the work we do on the ground. Check out here the full story and how Restor help us connect with more people on the ground.

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