Our Team

Core Team

Camille RiveraMSc.

Bukidnon-born Marine Biologist-turned-Conservationist, Camille is the Co-founder and Director of Oceanus. She specializes in blue carbon and led community-based mangrove conservation and ocean education projects around the Philippines.

Emman Cababarros

Emman is a licensed open-water diver with a background in Marine Biology. He is a Project Assistant focusing on Philippine mangrove database and mangrove restoration and assessment of Oceanus.

Angela Mariz Obsina

Mariz is a licensed open-water diver and a free diver with a background in Marine Biology. She is also a Project Assistant focusing on ocean literacy and communications for Oceanus

Vic Yumol

Vic is a tech startup process manager with a passion for nature. When he’s not working, he is an intern with Oceanus doing photo and video documentation for our project sites as well as project processes.

Sweet is a terrestrial – marine biologist hybrid and is the Program Coordinator of Oceanus. She is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating programs in the organization.

Scientific Consultants

Dr. Hilly Roa-Quiaoit

Dr. Hilly is our Scientific Consultant in Oceanus. She is a marine biologist by profession and an Integrated Coastal Management Specialist. She is both an Executive Director of the Cagayan de Oro River Basin Management Council and the Macajalar Bay Development Alliance in Northern Mindanao.

Dr. Joseph Pagaran

Dr. Joseph is our Remote Sensing Consultant.  Based in Austria, he is a software developer and a startup enthusiast. He made his PhD at the Institute of Environmental Physics and Remote-Sensing in Bremen, Germany. During his free time, he goes mountain biking, a hobby that he started in Bukidnon as a teenager.

Advisory Board

Andrew Margetts

Andrew is a Developer and IT Security specialist with an interest in building the most effective and secure IT solutions possible.