We were featured in Grid Magazine!

We were featured in Grid Magazine!

Just in time for Wetlands Day this February 2, 2024, Grid Magazine featured Oceanus Conservation and our continuous efforts to showcase the beauty of mangrove ecosystems across the Philippines!

Blue carbon restoration also encompasses other coastal wetlands that store carbon such as seagrasses and tidal marshes. Despite the importance of mangroves in the Philippines and their vital functions, mangroves are at alarming risk of deforestation, urbanization, tourism, and various human interventions.

Studies indicate a staggering loss of at least 35 percent of the world’s mangrove forests between 1980 and 2000. Mangrove cover in the Philippines has dwindled by half with only 250,000 hectares left.

Courtesy photo by Jomar Tingson for Grid Magazine

As our Co-Founder and Director, Camille Rivera said:

“People forget that we need homes. Without shelter, we’re nothing. People need homes, and wildlife need their ecosystems.”

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