Citizen Science Coral Reef Monitoring

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Citizen Science Coral Reef Monitoring

The Philippines is home to a diverse array of coral reefs, which are important habitats for many species of marine life. These reefs support a wide range of marine life, including fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and other invertebrates.

Coral reefs are also important to the local economy, as they provide food, recreation, and tourism opportunities. However, these ecosystems are facing many threats, including overfishing, pollution, and climate change, which can damage or destroy the reefs. It is important to take steps to protect and preserve these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

What we need:

Oceanus deployed Smart Buoys across the Philippines, particularly in Batangas, Coron and Tubbataha Reef. Currently these buoys are taking temperature, wind and waves data in real-time since 2020. However, we need to understand the impact of climate change to the coral reef and thus, the Oceanus team rely on your donation to educate and engage local citizens to monitor their reefs through the Citizen Science Coral Reef Monitoring program that will be launched by 2023.

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