Mangroves matter, it’s Generation Restoration

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Mangroves matter, it’s Generation Restoration

Mangroves are protected by law in the Philippines, yet there is still a decline of mangrove cover in the country due to poaching and conversion of fishponds and commercial areas. The Philippines already lost about 50% of the mangrove forests since the 1920’s. Our country will be severely impacted especially with rising sea level and increase in typhoon intensity.

Our main goal is to restore mangrove forests in areas that has high potential for restoration to increase survival. We don’t plant anywhere, instead we strictly follow scientifically, evidence-based proven methods. Our team makes sure there is high survival of the planted mangroves through training and capacity building. We don’t do this only for carbon storage, but for communities who need coastal protection and food security.

Your support can definitely help us bring back forests for wildlife and for the people and support people working on the ground. We are currently restoring mangroves in abandoned fishponds in La Union, Luzon with the partnership of the local government, and restoration sites in Salay, Cagwait and Zamboanga Sibugay in Mindanao. We are targeting 20,000 mangroves planted this year.

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