Ocean literacy for two

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Ocean literacy for two

“Ocean Adventures with Cory” and “There are Cities Underwater” is a children’s ocean story book that takes you on an adventure around the coral reef and mangroves ecosystem. The Ocean Adventures with Cory is a bilingual storybook and you may choose among Filipino, Chavacano, or Visayan together with English. We all want to educate local children in different areas of the Philippines, and one way to do this is one language at a time.

For every 15 USD spent (~720 Php), you will receive (1) personal digital copy PLUS (1) paper back copy which we will provide to the local children that have no access to internet in the Philippines to read this book. We are targeting 250 kids beneficiaries and we hope to reach more coastal communities!

You may also purchase the book for a local Filipino for 11 USD (~550 Php).

From the comfort of your homes, you will help educate the local communities about the marine life around the coral reef and mangroves ecosystem! We hope to create youth leaders and environmental advocates from our stories of the importance of marine conservation.

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