Mangrove Restoration in Northern Mindanao and La Union

Mangrove Restoration in Northern Mindanao and La Union

Oceanus Conservation focuses on the blue carbon initiative and nature-based solutions as a way to mitigate climate change. Our mangrove restoration projects aim to restore and protect mangrove forests by working with local communities in the Philippines. Two of our project sites are communities in Looc, Salay, Northern Mindanao, and Aringay, La Union. 

Mangroves are important for these communities. These habitats protect them from intense storms and typhoons and also prevent coastal erosion. Furthermore, mangrove ecosystems also help with their own livelihood. However, there is a loss of mangrove forests in these areas due to the storm surges that recently occurred. With this, we have partnered with and assisted them for the past year with the planting, monitoring, and restoration of mangrove species in their area. 

Mangrove Restoration Update

As of April 2022, we have planted a total of 4289 seedlings in Salay and Aringay since September 2021. All of the seedlings were planted using a single and clumping method (by twos) in a zigzag pattern, bamboo encasement method, and mound planting.

We assist the local communities of Barangay Salay, Northern Mindanao and Barangay Aringay, La Union in planting mangrove saplings in their area. High school and college students from different institutions also volunteer to help with the monthly planting. Afterward, we assist them with the survival monitoring of these seedlings bi-monthly. 

We envision working together with local communities all over the country and hopefully restoring and protecting their mangrove forests which are extremely important as they are blue carbon habitats that help us achieve net-zero emissions. Our goal is to plant 20,000 mangrove saplings and to restore 10ha of degraded mangrove forests this year! With your help, together we can achieve this goal.

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