Ocean Storybooks available in Spotify!

Ocean Storybooks available in Spotify!

Ocean Adventures with Cory and There are Underwater Cities are both now in Spotify under Grounded Radio for Kids. We partnered with Grounded Radio in the goal of spreading awareness about our marine life especially mangroves and coral reefs with other local audience who uses podcast.

It’s also another way to enhance local kids appreciation for our marine life. Have you already listened to it?

We wanted you to take a break, inhale and take your mind to the vastness of the ocean.

“There are Cities Underwater” is a mangrove storybook written by Ana Rita Silva, Pedro Moreira, Marta Reis Melo, Teresa Santos and Camille Rivera as a guest author.


Hippo, a seahorse explorer, wanders around the ocean and finds himself in the mangrove forests in the Philippines! Let Hippo take us to see the different animals living in this habitat and the importance of mangroves to humans and the environment. With science-based facts, children age 10+ above will surely learn something new.

“Ocean Adventures of Cory – The Coral Reef City” is about a coral reef storybook written by Camille Rivera and Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules.


Cory’s coral reef adventure takes you on an underwater journey of discovery. Set in the Philippine reefs, this podcast shows the unique and colorful life we all live in but unconsciously taken for granted. Let Cory and her friends teach us how to care and protect the beautiful underwater city! Learn about marine life with additional science facts to help us understand and care for our marine creatures!

We also give paperback copy to coastal kids who do not have access to internet to read this book. With your big hearts, you can help us reach all corners of the Philippines to give this book. For every e-copy purchase, one local kid from our partner communities will receive this book in paperback copy!

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