Smart Buoy for Coral Reef Health

Smart Buoy for Coral Reef Health

Real-time technology is now within reach these days. Our team deployed a real-time temperature sensor in the Municipality of Lian, Batangas which is an in-kind grant to monitor temperature changes that will affect coral reef health in the area. This is the first smart temperature buoy deployed in the Philippines for coral reef temperature monitoring!

During our initial survey, fluorescing corals seen in the first and third photos is apparent.

The buoy will be deployed for a year to track changes at below surface temperature (1 meter) and temperature at 10 meters. With the technical support of the De La Salle University (DLSU) Shore team, the local environment officer and the local fisherfolk community of Lian, we will be able to understand which months coral reef started to fluoresce and bleach and when they can recover. The temperature data also supports the research done by the DLSU team in understanding jellyfish biomass and assist in creating a warning system for the communities during their fishing times.

Blue line is the temperature change happening in 1 meter below the surface, while orange line is the temperature 10 meters below the surface.
Temperature analysis since our deployment.

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