Cory, the coral!

Cory, the coral!

Cory, the coral, is a new ocean storybook for Filipino children that we created which is the first of its kind to be bilingual too! We currently have 3 Filipino languages and 3 international languages, thanks to the help of various volunteers!

The Philippines lies in the center of the Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle is composed of 6 countries, including the Philippines, where scientists claimed a high biodiversity of corals and fish, even 6 out of 7 marine turtles are found here. Seventy-six percent (76%) of the world’s coral species, and 37% of the world’s coral reef fish species are found in this triangle.

However, despite the beautiful underwater life we have, marine environmental education is not included in the local school curriculum. Philippines Republic Act 9512 or known as the environmental education in the country mentioned marine conservation should be included to basically anyone. And we are pushing for our campaign #oceanliteracy4all. We started this as an idea during the pandemic, and now, we have grown it to have more languages and distributed worldwide!! We need to kickstart teaching about the facets of our marine environment even if it starts as an out-of-school program. 

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